Download your programs without googleplay or apple ID, or mirco/win account? [MOVED]

  • 16 June 2019
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I want an option to download direct and not through the typical google play, apple id or Microsoft accounts. Because these types of set ups will not allow me to create an account with them using my email. They force identification by asking you to verify things with phone numbers or credit/debt accounts which I consider a form of violation of my confidentiality. They force you to have an email that is US-based, most of the time and not totally secure...most force you to create a google/gmail account and I simply refuse to do that. I want to use either a mail fence, proton or tutanota email account. These services do not allow use of those emails types.

Please rectify this issue my privacy is my business and I do not like the whole google play, apple or micro/win account requirement just to download a product with you. Make it more user friendly and secure with privacy. Thank You

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1 reply

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Hello @JJohnson 

I review your post, What’s the problem related to Kaspersky?