Download page does not share info about what version it is.

  • 14 July 2019
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Hello, I logged into My Kapersky account to see what version of Internet Security is currently available and found out the information was not available to me. I always like to run the latest official release of this software, how ever the information was not made available to me. All there is a download link, please fix this so that customers like me know what version they are downloading as I know that Kapersky Internet Security 2020 is due to be released soon. As the download page is set up now I have no way of knowing whether I am downloading version 2019 or 2020 since this information is not currently made available to customers on the download page. It is very important that you make this information clear to your customers so we know what we are downloading, just providing me with a download link and no information about what version of the software I am downloading is not very help full.

5 replies

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Welcome. The newest version is released at somewhat different occasions around the world. One region is Yes, another region is Not Yet. :)

Best bet is to check your regional Kaspersky website.
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Hello Druid,
Additional to Richbuff's information:
I agree, when we look at MyKaspersky account - https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses#/ details the information is not there, however, (in regard to patch info) the patch information would never be recorded there as patches are released frequently, maintaining account with that detail would not practical. Having the version information would be very useful. At the moment the version field is not used well.

Please log a incident request https://my.kaspersky.com/ using the "suggestion" template, Kaspersky does make changes based on Customers needs when possible.

The other way to find out the full version number of Kaspersky software, move your mouse pointer over the application icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
The popup window displays:
  1. Product name
  2. Full version number (for example,
  3. Patch number (x) x= letter.
Whenever you are communicating with Tech Support they will request 1., 2.,3.

I'm not looking for patch information, I am looking for the the new version of Kapersky Internet Virus for 2020. I live in Canada and am well aware that this version may not be released yet how ever as the information is currently provided I have no way of knowing if this version is available or if I am just downloading Kapersky Internet Security 2019. I all ready have 2019 installed and fully patched as Kapersky Internet Security does this automatically for me. How ever I all ways have to manually download the new version of Kapersky Internet Security to install it and that is what I am keeping eye out for to be released.
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Hello Druid,
The information in your MyKaspersky account only shows the install product, not "yet-to-be-installed".

There's numerous posts in this Community portal regarding 2020.

As with all Kaspersky software rollouts, they are staggered, some regions already have 2020, others have been told ETA of August to September.

For example:

https://community.kaspersky.com/b2c-forum-para-usuarios-hispanohablantes-70/kaspersky-2020-es-es-2162#post11702 - in Spanish.


This version of KIS2020 is for the 3 countries of the American continent, it has 3 languages: English (E. U. America), French (Canada) and Spanish (LATAM countries).

If you require a more specific please log a request with Technical Support, via your MyKaspersky account online .

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Today, Kaspersky "subject matter expert" advised http://dm.kaspersky-labs.com/en-US_fr-CA_es-US/KIS/, is KSEC 2020, which was commercially released 10th July 2019.
Even tho the link is titled KIS, the contents of the list are for KSEC 2020.
They further advised, atm, only KSEC 2020 Commercial release (CR) is available (all regions).
Anyone wishing to use KIS/KAV/KTS 2020 - Technical release (TR), may make a direct request to Kaspersky Technical Support. https://my.kaspersky.com/
Furthermore - (they said) the way to know when KIS/KAV/KTS 2020 (CR) is available is, go to: https://help.kaspersky.com/#/b2c, IF, the product you are interested in, has 2020 in the display window, that is 2020 CR for that product.