Download from internet hangs

  • 10 June 2021
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KIS on Win10 x64 build 19043


no problem in copying large files in my intranet, but when I download files from internet, it seems greater then 50MB, download hangs in a randomic way (sometimes after 20MB, sometimes after 100MB).

If i disable all KIS control (except antivirus) it works, so it is not my provider

We are speaking about “normal files”, such as ISO distro Linux and classroom.google.com downloads ;-)

it happens with Chrome, Firefox, user login, admin login

Most of KIS settings are default

Any help?



1 reply

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Welcome. It looks like you did some diagnostics and troubleshooting, and still no go. Your best bet is to contact Tech Support, link is located at top of this web page. Tech Support will inform you of what logs they need and how to get them.