Does Kaspersky secure other browsers rather IE,in clean and optimize part?

  • 27 October 2020
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There is a question in my mind which stuck. As you see in attachments, in Kaspersky’s “browser configuration” part, it writes “helps securely configure Internet explorer”. and in “pc cleaner” part, it writes “helps you delete unnecessary applications and inside of it, it says “detect applications and browser extensions that were installed or modified by mistake or without your knowledge.We will help you delete or fix them in order to protect your data”. In browser configuration part ,does Kaspersky only detect in IE or in all browsers? if it detects only in IE, then does this mean that pc cleaner just works for IE?  My mind got little confused about this subject. I know that Kaspersky protects all browsers as protection, but in these 2 parts, it’s not so clear about which browser or browsers it detects. And if “browser configuration” only detects in IE, wouldn’t it be better to increase its detection capability for all browsers? 🙂 Thanks for your reply from now..



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5 replies

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I forgot to add attachments. :)

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@maxmathew, “Browser Configuration” only works with Internet Explorer browser.

“PC Cleaner” works with all supported browsers - https://support.kaspersky.com/KIS/2021_mr1/en-US/129396.htm


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Andrew, thanks for your answer.. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be better to increase the detection capability for all browsers in future versions of Kaspersky? why only in Internet explorer? does this have a special reason for that? ;) Nowadays, we don’t even use IE so much, there are many browsers on market.. And IE is not so popular in recent times. Chrome is used more, for example.. Browser configurations in all browsers would be better in my opinion..



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Hello @maxmathew,

Agreed, Kaspersky clearly state they support: Chrome, Firefox & Edge Chromium and have significantly moved away from Internet explorer, it would make sense if the Browser Configuration feature covered the browsers Kaspersky supports.

Hopefully, the Kaspersky development gurus are aware of the issue. 

You may get told to log a Feedback, I have a suggestion incident request, (ioo), we don’t think you should have to, this has been an issue for a very long time. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Hello, Flood


Thank you for information you provided.  I hope they increase “browser configuration” capability for all browsers in soon future,in future versions.. The products must renew some features according to recent conditions of life, to be updated so that they can be competing with other friendly rivals. This is always so in life. They are little bit late in renewing this feature “browser configuration”..  :) I’m happy that they are aware of the issue.. Thanks for info again..


Best wishes..