Does Kaspersky Internet Security work with Duck Duck Go?

  • 20 January 2020
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Does Kaspersky Internet Security work with Duck Duck Go?

4 replies

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Hello @dob


Kaspersky have advised, their software may work with non-supported browsers, however, no browsers are supported other than those specified in their browsers documentation.

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Duck duck go is a search utility like Bing or Google. I use it on Waterfox and have not had any problems with KIS.

There are no restrictions on working with search engines, so everything should work. :yum:

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Yes it works but (URL advisor) green checkmarks how safe is web page will work only in supported browsers…

If you have supported browser like firefox or original chrome (not browsers on chromium like brave or comodo) then will work these URL advisors….

Simply you can use whatever search engine like duckduckgo (i use also) or startpage…. but no one is better than google… Google is more rich and better in searching. If i can not search something in duckduckgo then i try google and google found it :) Duckduckgo is more safe like google.

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