Does anyone have an experience with Kaspersky crashing Window's GUI/explorer.exe?

  • 20 November 2020
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Hello, I had a strange occurance today. I’ve been using a well known program called Xampp and about two days ago they released a new version. I have downloaded this version without any problem, but once the file was downloaded I couldn’t immediately access it. The icon was missing(there was just the default “sheet of paper” icon). This was happening before when downloading files, but usually it took about 10 or so seconds before the file was normally accessible. I think this is a part of Kaspersky’s protection, because it seems like the file is being scanned by the File-antivirus component(real-time protection) before letting user open the .exe file. Well as I said, since it took a longer time than before, I tried right-clicking the file and clicking on properties to find out what is happening. This somehow caused the explorer.exe(which takes care of the GUI) to crash and after couple of seconds left me with a blue screen and the “Windows button, Search” icons on the left bottom side of my other monitor - basically it just crashed and broke. After I restarted the system everything was fine, except the file again wasn’t accessible. I tested if the crash was caused by the right-click again, with success(if I can call another crash to be a success 🙂 ). Well anyways, this proves in fact that the crash was caused because of interacting with the supposedly uninteractible file - and the uninteractibility of the file was probably caused by Kasperesky’s defences(realtime protection). After a longer duration of time the file became finally accessible so scanned the file with right-click scan, which wokred fine, but took significantly more time than I would expect it should(it takes around 150mb, but took at least 5-10 min to scan, probably because it was previously unknown and the code/archives in it were too complex). After the kaspersky then added it to it’s “trusted database” I had no longer problem and after I redownloaded the file after PC restart again to test it, it took split of a second to be accessible. I then again tested it with the linux version of Xampp and again - it was inaccessible for a long duration of time and when I right-clicked it, the system this time worked, but I wasn't able to open any applications and once windows were closed, they couldn’t be opened again. After another restart and couple of minutes of waiting it was fine again, probably because Kaspersky verified it. Anyways, did anyone have a similar experience with Kaspersky and do you think my explanation(that it was simply the fault of real-time protection scanning complex unknown file that was interacted with) makes sense?

2 replies

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Welcome. Please contact Tech Support, link is located at top of this forum webpage. 

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After you post a technology support request to KL. I want to ask you reply two questions:

  1. Do you install any other AV solution or scan engine product in your system?
  2. If convience, Could you take a screenshot on context menu when you right-click a file. I want to know which or what items existed in your context menu and different from me.