Do I need to reinstall to apply new license?

  • 12 August 2019
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I recently bought a new license for Kaspersky Internet Security (cheaper than renewal). Do I need to reinstall the software or just let the new license take effect when the current one expires (as it says will happen)?

5 replies

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Hi @James Welcome.
No just add the new Licence it will activate automatically when the old Licence Expires.
Thank you..
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Just let the new license take effect if you have typed the new activation code as it states below😉

Thanks for your quick replies to clear it up for me. I appreciate the help.
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Hello @James,
Don't apply the new license before the old license expires.
Sometimes, licenses, with remaining days, (folks) have found, applying the new license prematurely, wipes out the old license remaining days.
It's much better to wait for the original license to expire, the Kaspersky software will "alert" you, at that point apply the new code.
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Hi, as well as above posts, and to all viewing the original post by @James.

The poster @James question was about adding a new Licence Activation Code to Kaspersky Internet Security.

So there is no confusion as in some of the answers in above posts and to viewers who are interested in this topic.
Please view the URL below in the correct procedure.
Thank you.

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