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  • 17 January 2020
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One of my four devices does not show up on My Kaspersky. The separate licence I bought for it and activated on that Android device is shown on My Kaspersky as not having a device connected. This means that I am unable to use the anti-theft features for which I have paid.  I have tried re-installing KIS various ways without success.


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7 replies

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Welcome. Did you check this K-Lab Article : https://support.kaspersky.com/common/start/13886

Yes!   The button on my screen only displays a message about my license expiry date,  not a rich menu where you can do wonderful things as shown in the article. Looks like a completely different product to the one I have.

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@deehar Please see how to find the name and the version number of a Kaspersky application 

Kaspersky Internet Security

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Hello @deehar,

Thank you for the information:ok_hand_tone3:

  • Does the Android not show at all in Devices tab? 
  • If the 4th Android is not showing at all,  the MyKaspersky account & the device are not syncing correctly:thinking:

Is this how KIS app looks:



  1. Is Mobile data on or off when the device is syncing with the MyKaspersky account:thinking:
  2. Is a Chrome browser used to access MyKaspersky:thinking:  
  3. If IE or Firefox browser are used, does the MyKaspersky-KIS app issue remain:thinking:
  4. During the KIS install, were all permissions & consents granted:thinking:
  5. Check KIS compatability requirements:thinking:
  6. Check how much available RAM is being used, when the KIS install is done:thinking: 
  7. Recheck Activating the premium version of the app:thinking:
  8. If 1 to 7 are all ok, backup all data, reset Android to default, reinstall KIS only, at this stage do not install any other apps, recheck issue:thinking: , if the issue persists: please contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they will need an AIDA64 report, images of the problem and the Technical Team may ask you to install a KIS bug version so traces log the issue, from the traces they’ll be able to find the root cause. 
  • Please let us know what the Technical Team determines is the problem? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Many thanks!  I cannot see any obvious issues. I have had this problem for some time and can see no difference between settings on my other Android devices and this one. However I will have ro renew the licence on this device shortly so I will wait and see if anything changes then before contiuing.

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Hello @deehar,

You’re very welcome!

(imo), the best option is to reset the phone to default, then, if the issue persists, ask the Technical Team. Whether you do that before the renewal or after is personal choice… (If it was me) I’d do it now as the full KIS functionality is not available to you. 

I recently reset one of our Androids to default, I’d been loathe to do it as I was “afraid” I’d “wreck” the phone… 1. It was surprisingly easy 2. I didn’t “wreck” the phone 3. The phone is performing much better since. 

  • :bulb: I use 2 backup solutions so there’s never any fear of loosing precious data:bulb:

Please let us know if the issue persists whenever you decide to proceed?

Thank you:pray_tone3: