DCB SMS cirusyand none finds it? [MOVED]

  • 17 June 2019
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Ive loved F-Secure for over 15yrs now Nd it has handled almost everythibg but currrently my phone has some weird DCB virus which sents SMS -expensive ones to +358 50 9023779 and you xan check Kuka soitti-palvelusta. that attacks have begun 1.6.2019 in Finland.

im wondeeing why no F-Secure,Kaspersky nor Panda antivirus find this yet Panda atleasr has some info about it.

second hand phone so no clue where it came from but there it is still trying to send those SMS after ive ran every major antivirus company and none finds it.

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8 replies

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Hello Banch,
Please tell us:
  1. Phone type, operating system & version?
  2. Name, version, of all Kaspersky software installed?
  3. Any images that represent the issue you see?
  4. March 2019 Kaspersky removed certain features in KISA & KSK to comply with Google Privacy Policy, http://links.kaspersky.sm/c/2GG/HXM/t3GNFJTYfbGUi7lhilXcAa/bP/P_J/F/60f1c1ec
"Call / Number Blocking".remains.
Hello and good morning!
Mobile is Nokia 6.1
Android 9
Last security update from 1.st of May 2019
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Hello Banch!
Thanks for replying.
  1. Name, version, of all Kaspersky software installed?
  2. Are all the blue DCB:Y etc being sent as txt / sms messages?
  3. If yes, are there no numbers associated with the messages that can be blocked?
  4. Are you using the "Spam # & Spam phrases" filter that comes shipped with Nokia 6.1, Android 9?
  5. Please clarify "Last security update from 1.st of May 2019", does that mean the last time your security software was updated?
  6. Do you have backups of all critical data on the phone?
  7. If yes, have you considered performing a full factory reset?
Full factory reset fine yesterday and it begin eight away.. Ibhavent use any #spam phrasessä,bdidbt Even know it exist.

Ive only tried Kaspersky Internet Security For Android

Last security update I meqnt was For Android 9

Ys every DCB is txt msg and Indont Even know whybits being blocked but on glad IT IS,Haven you Google itbyet,payment system which costs 10times More to pay.
No ceitical data on phone but it was reset yesterday.

The numbers go from 0-9
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Hello Banch,
Thanks for posting back:

Re: Spam filters shipped with ph:
I use Androids, all come with Spam Filter functions.

All the DCB:Y etc msgs, in the image you've shown, have common words, I'd create a Spam filter based on "Lähetys epäon"

Do the DCB:Y etc msgs show a number when you go to "details"?

Re: "The numbers go from 0-9", sorry, I don't understand this information, would you please be kind & clarify?

KISA has a number block feature, are you using that?

Probably not uakng it as nwver heard of IT. But there IS only 1 number on blocked numbers ,yet I cannot send txt msgnto anyone else either.

That Lähetys epäonnistui means sent failed,press avain to Rey avain but no matter jos Manu presses,massagess nwver leave to anyone.

Im mist curious to rmget this shit outbof My phone. Hate worry about losinh shitloads of money If filter Falls.
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Hello Banch,
If you:
  1. cannot send txt msgs
  2. you've done a full factory reset
  3. you have KISA installed
log into your MyKaspersky account, https://my.kaspersky.com/ & raise an incident record, requesting Kaspersky Lab Technical Support assistance.

Best regards.