Database Update was on May 1st.,2019. Since then it ends update w/o change the release date. Is this normal ? [Closed]

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Last update was on May 1st.,2019. Since then it ends update w/o change the release date.
Is this normal ?

Best answer by Berny 7 May 2019, 12:15

Welcome. Please see Post #2 from Richbuff
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Welcome. Please see Post #2 from Richbuff
Thanks Berny for your prompt reply.

Actually, the Update is working fine with Metered connection off or on.

The problem is that the update bar starts from 0% till 100% then gives the message "Databases are up to date" , without any real update downloading.

The Database release date is staying at May 1st., 2019 as if there was no update since beginning of this month.
Is this a true message ?
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Snip from linked instructions:

... If still no go, attach the Detailed update report.
Enable Log Non Critical Events: Settings > Additional > Reports and quarantine > check Log Non-critical events. Then do an update.
Main Kaspersky window, lower center, More Tools > right side, click Reports > upper right > Detailed reports, upper left > dropdown > Update,
select the current entry > right-middle > click Details > Save icon at upper right >
Save, name the file and save it somewhere and attach it to your next post.
If the file is too large to upload, then zip it (right click, send to > compressed zipped folder) and upload the zip.

If the update report appears to be blank, please post the screenshot of the update report.

Disable Log Non Critical Events when done.

Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
Dear Richbuf
Thx for your reply.
It restore operation ( complete update by itself !!
I'll keep you noticed if takes place again,