Chrome extension not working properly, it shows "Upgrade" button for Safe Money and "Anti banner" feature.

I have KIS (d) and the chrome extension is enabled and green but when I click on it it shows "Upgrade" button for Safe Money and "Anti banner" feature.
I have a new License key with 353 days left. how can this be fixed?


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Traffic Light -> browser add-on from BitDefender :)

NetCraft add-on is also good for anti-phishing...
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Welcome. Are you using the latest Chrome extension 20.0.543.401
Also, your KIS version (d) will obtain Patch "E" in the next coming days which should fix this issue.
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Thanks Harlan4096!
2 things I've never heard of, I need to get out more😆!!
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Those 2 modules are integrated in a common licensed KIS, so they should be available 🤤
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Hello Woomera,
Thanks for the screenprints.
If you've not already done so let's try the following:
1. Export Google Chrome Bookmarks

2. Backup/save Google Chrome Settings/Configuration [User Data Folder]
> Windows
> File Explorer
> C:\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\

3. Remove Kaspersky Protection Extension
> chrome://extensions/

4. Reset Google Chrome settings to [default]
> chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings?origin=userclick

5. Export Kaspersky Application Settings
> Refer image step(1)

6. Restore Kaspersky Application Settings = resets Kaspersky application to default
> Refer previous image > step (2)
7. Reboot/restart PC.
8. Make sure Kaspersky application is active.
9. Manually run a Kaspersky database update.
10. Start Google Chrome.
11. Install Kaspersky Protection extension
> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-protection/amkpcclbbgegoafihnpgomddadjhcadd

  • Check if Kaspersky Protection extension [Upgrade] alerts/issue is resolved?
Please let us know?
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Hello Woomera,
Would you please post screen prints of "Upgrade" button for Safe Money and "Anti banner" feature please?
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All good Woomera,
I'm glad you've found a working solution!
My only reservation re "simple problem", in 10 years, I've never seen the "upgrade" alerts on the extension window, most unusual. And intriguing. All tho I never wish problems on others, it'll be interesting to see if others do report it.
I'm glad you posted the issue as it's now recorded, which may indeed help others.
I'm not at all familiar with 🚦, gunna do some research & see what it is!
I do like your moniker, makes me homesick for the roos, the wombies, croc & other critters.
I do have the latest extension from the link you given.
I wait until the next update and will post the result then. Thank you.
i checked today and my KIS updated to E and the problem still exists.
any solutions?
Here they are:

Well I appreciate the guide and hope it proves useful to others but thats too much for a simple problem and I decided to remove the extension completely and install TrafficLight.
Thank You.

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