Cheap 'new customer' activation code, will it work?

  • 20 October 2021
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I currently have a Kaspersky license for 3 devices (1 x Mac, 2 x windows). The license expires in a couple of weeks. If I buy a new product as a new customer, it is far cheaper. Will I be able to do this, then just type the activation code into my current product so that it renews for a cheaper price?

3 replies

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Will I need to do that on the remaining 2 devices? 

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  1. Yes. As you’ve purchased a license for multiple devices, it’s necessary to add the reserve activation code to all the devices using the same activation code. 
  2. When a new activation code is added as a reserve, it will only activate once the previous license days are expired. This will ensure that no days are lost from your existing license & the new code will start protection automatically.

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Thank you for your detailed reply. I hope that I have now got it sorted correctly. I’ve added the activation code for the product I have just purchased to the “reserve activation code” space within the app on my device (as per the picture below). Will I need to do that on all 3 devices, or will the software on the other two devices “know” and then remain active beyond the upcoming expiry date?


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Hello @bm100



ADD the new code to (your) MyKaspersky account, before the original license expires, then when the old license expires, synchronise the application with (your) MyKaspersky account. 


ADD the new code to the application, before the original license expires. The application is automatically activated with the new activation code when the license expires. IF the original license has not expired, do not select Activate now.

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