Cannot login to Gmail, do not response to I click on accounts or the "Next" button, three browsers, when Kaspersky Internet Security installed [Closed]

  • 14 May 2019
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I am using Kaspersky Internet Security on two Windows 7 Pro PC. Both PC in my home connecting same network.

I usually using Chrome keep logging in with my Google account. Recently I logged out to enter another gmail account. When I clicked on the next button Chrome not prompt me for password. I tried clicked on other existing account but not proceed to password, Chrome just do not response to I click on accounts or the "Next" button. Tried on IE and Firefox also the same. Both of my PC have this problem.

I reinstalled Windows on one of a PC, download and install Kaspersky Internet Security and Chrome but the problem exist. I uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security then the problem disappeared.
I found a Windows 7 PC in other place, tried install Kaspersky Internet Security on it, no problem at all.

Anyone can solve my problem?
Thank very much.

Raymond Mak

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Hello Raymond Mak,
Please tell us:
  1. Version of KIS?
  2. Win7, version & build?
  3. Screen prints of the issue/issues.
  4. Are you able to log into your Google account?
& just to confirm, on this device, using any browser, you're unable to log into GMail?
Please let us know?

1. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
2. Kaspersky Internet Security (e)
3. There are no error on screen. Just browser do not proceed to password.
4. Yes, I can login my Google account on my iphone or other people's PC.

I have 2 PC. Both installed Kaspersky and have same problem. I cannot login GMail only from my own PCs.
Thank you for your help. Let me know if more information need.
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Hello Raymond Mak,
Thank you for the helpful information.
May we have a GIS report please?

I have uploaded the GIS report to My Kaspersky support.
Can you get the report?
The file size 8 MB, ok to email to you.
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Please upload the GetSystemInfo zip folder that is inside the larger GSI zip to the GSI parser site http://www.getsysteminfo.com/ and post the url to the parsed report here, in your next post.
Please follow below URL to exam my GSI report.

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Hello Raymond Mak,
Thank you for the GSI.
Re "Using Chrome keep logging in with my Google account, clicked on the next button Chrome not prompting for password, tried clicked on other existing account, not proceeding to password, Chrome does not respond to click on accounts or the "Next" button"
  • May we have screenshots of the issue please? (please hide any identifying info)
  • You mentioned the issue is the same on both PCs, may we have a GSI for the 2nd device please?
  • Also, would you be kind enough please to confirm, you've uninstalled & reinstalled: KIS & Google Chrome on both PCs?
  • Would you please detail the procedure/s you used please?
Hi FLOOD, richbuff,

Suddenly, both of my PC can login Gmail now.

I have reinstalled the 2nd and installed Avast so as to continue use Gmail. Because of GIS report I reinstalled KIS. I expected GMail will fail again but it works normally.

I then checked the 1st PC, it works normally too. I really didn't reinstall KIS or anything on the 1st PC.

Although don't know the reason, my problem gone anyway.
Thank you for your effort these days.
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Hello Raymond Mak,
We're very happy to hear the issues are resolved.
Please do install some protection on the 1st PC.
Best regards and thanks!