Can't Install KIS 2019, application error. [Closed]

  • 2 July 2019
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I have trouble installing KIS 2019. 3 days ago, my PC was running KIS 2019, it worked fine for 1-2 weeks (after a fresh install), 2 days ago, it suddenly can't update and then it stopped running (tray icon went greyed out), and restarting Kaspersky would resulting KIS being stuck in the splash screen loading bar. So, I uninstalled it and then tried to install it again, however after the installer had downloaded the and tries to install it, it'll go Application error, can't install. I've tried doing things mentioned in support page, using TDSSkiller, Kaspersky Virus Removal tool, and then tried kavremover. Nothing works, it'll said application error.
Then I tried installing MBAM it scans clean. So being hopeless i tried installing KIS 2018 which have an offline installer, and it runs just fine.

Runing Windows 10 1903 build 18362.207

Is it just unsupported with the newest windows 10 update or anything?
Maybe anyone have links for kis 2019 offline installer, haven't found it anywhere.

I've tried contacting tech support, still no replies.

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Hello Mors,
May we know please:
  1. (all) Kaspersky sofware installed, name/s, version/s, patch/s #?
  2. may we have a screen image of the "application error" please?
  3. Have you manually checked the entire system for any residual KIS 2019 files, folders, objects?
  4. Cleared C:\Windows\Temp?
  5. May we have a GSI & Windows logs, when the .zip filder is complete, please upload to cloud storage of your choice and post back the link please? https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7
Re: "Is it just unsupported with the newest windows 10 update?"
  • No, RS5, 1903 is supported
Re "contact with TS"
  • Did you get an automated email acknowledging you've raised an issue or have you had NO contact, whatsoever?
Please let us know?
Many thanks!
Hi Flood,

  1. First time trying install KIS 2019 after uninstall via Add/Remove Program, so no Kaspersky Products are installed anymore as far as i know. Further tries after using kavremover.exe as well. Tried installing with KIS 2018 (l) installed (plus the included secure line 2.0).
  2. Attached bellow in the spoiler
  3. I've used kavremover.exe (doesn't this program does this), otherwise nothing left in usual installation folders.
  4. I have



Here are the errors

Did you get an automated email acknowledging you've raised an issue or have you had NO contact, whatsoever?

I sent for tickets in my.kaspersky.com instead contacting via e-mail.

Best regards.
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Hello Mors,
Thank you for the data.
May I ask please, what is "secure line"?
& when you "sent for tickets in my.kaspersky.com", did you receive an automated email response with an incident number in the format INC+12 numbers (for example INC123456789111)?
Please wait for us to analyse the data.
& please read the pm.
Many thanks!
Hello Flood,

I'm sorry, what i meant by Secure line was Secure connection, the VPN program from Kaspersky

I did get that e-mail.

Thank you very much
Best regards.
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Thank you Mors.
Please read your pm.
Hello @FLOOD,

Thank you very much for the help, much appreciated.

I think I've just found the cause of this problem. I've tried Error Checking the SSD, and they did found an error, after a startup repair, Kaspersky installs just fine. My theory is that the disk error were unfortunately at the part of the drive that contains Kaspersky's file, (since i've found out that i couldn't get files deleted inside kaspersky's folder in ProgramData as it was giving me access error). Thus resulting windows uninstall and kavremover probably cannot doing their job properly And the installer couldn't write there as well, after the usual windows fix, Installation works as usual. I didn't think it would've caused by the disk, as it was quite new, and were properly formatted when installing the OS.

Lots of thanks.
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Hello Mors,
Thanks so much for replying.
( kavremover ) That's exactly why I asked "manually check the entire system for any residual KIS 2019 files, folders, objects?", even tho the Kaspersky "clean-up tools" are supposed to work, there are occasions when they don't do a complete job.
I'm delighted the issue is resolved and am very appreciative that you've let us know🙂
Best regards!