Can I disable notifications?


I keep getting notifications that I don’t want.

One is to use the VPN - I don’t want to be reminded of this every time I log in. I’ve set the KIS notification not to tell me about other products, but this seems to escape the filter.

The other is to tell me that Quick Scan has finished with no errors. I’d like to be told if there are errors so I don’t want to disable this notification completely.

I’m using KIS on Windows 10.


Any ideas how to disable these notifications? This is similar to another topic here, but that’s using Kaspersky Cloud and doesn’t work here.

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  1. If you don’t use Kaspersky VPN please uninstall & reboot
  2. You can selectively disable Windows sidebar notifications.

Thanks @Berny 

I’ll uninstall the VPN.

I can’t see how to disable the Quick Scan notification selectively. In Windows I can disable all notifications from Kaspersky, but then it won’t tell me if it’s found a problem - and I certainly want to know about that. My notification settings in KIS are below - non-problems aren’t mentioned.



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@ptoye If Kaspersky detects a malicious issue you will be prompted.


Does this happen even if I switch KIS notifications off within Windows? Fortunately I’ve never had a malware attack  since I started using KIS - several years ago.