BattleEye Problem with Kaspersky Internet security, blocked loading of file klhkum.dll [Closed]

  • 26 December 2019
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it's been a while that i have this problem while launching Rainbow 6 , battle eye keeps saying : blocked loading of file klhkum.dll

and it fails to run the game.

i googled the problem and found out that dll file is related to kaspersky antivirus ,so i looked for the rules and other things related about firewall and etc,

i also paused the protection and it didn't work

then i uninstalled the antivirus and tried it again and it worked!

so i dont know what to do to solve this problem with a permanent solution !

i also use kaspersky internet security 2019 (by its latest version )

and there is no signs of virus or anything suspicious .


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Hello  @Farzin01 


:octagonal_sign: Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support , zip the file, password protect the zip archive and tell Support the password you’ve used; please provide Support Team with comprehensive information, including history, KIS All Events Report & images, so they can help with the issue.

:arrow_forward: The Support Team will ask for a GSI & Windows Logs & Traces, run as the issue is replicated, the Support Team will guide you with the collection of the Traces

:radioactive: You may also wish to submit the file(s) Kaspersky is blocking at Kaspersky Virus Lab, if the scan result is “safe”, select Submit for analysis, add your email address & accept the “Consent”, the VirusLab experts with perform a detailed analysis. After adding your email address, you’ll receive an auto-mated email with the VirusLab Reference Number. 

If you do submit the file(s) to the VirusLab, please include the information when you log the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support Team. 

 :warning: Please also contact BattleEye developers & advise them of the issue. 

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you. 

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I think the game protection problem should trust KL product inject it dll to the the game process. This is only the solution for this issue. Did you update this game to the latest?At last, You should also report the game vector support about this issue.



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Hello  @Farzin01,

Please consult with Kaspersky Technical Support experts, as I advised in my first reply, please also advise the game developers, as I advised in my first reply and please share the solution Kaspersky Technical Support experts give you, when it available?

Thank you