Auto renewal three weeks early. And at full price.

  • 12 May 2020
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That’s what a customer of Kaspersky thinks of this company


In the fall of 2014 I bought a PC through Best Buy. Included with the PC was a trial subscription to Kaspersky. I took advantage of it and when the trial period was over, bought a full Internet Security subscription. I have 3 PCs at home


My opinion of Internet Security- It is an excellent product and easy to use.


As everyone knows, Best Buy cut its ties to KSP in 2017. When my subscription ended, Best Buy offered me a new software. Reluctantly I left KSP in February 2017 for Webroot.


I was not happy with Webroot at all. After three months of using the product, I junked it. I gave thought to going to Bitdefender but in the end I bought a KSP Internet Security Subscription again. Price- $39.99. One year, 3 machines. I was also put in autorenewal. My subscription started on May 28, 2018.


Kaspersky’s auto-renewal page reads-


How does it work?

  1. Once you place your order, your subscription is activated at the moment of purchase.
  2. Before your subscription expires, we’ll notify you via email that your Auto-Renewal payment is due so you’ll know the exact amount and payment date, plus any changes to the original price.
  3. If you decide to proceed with Auto-Renewal, the upcoming fee is taken automatically using your original payment details. In case of payment problems (for example, an expired bank card), we’ll send you a link to update your billing information.


On May 14, 2019 I received an email from KSP renewing my subscription at the price of $69.99. I didn’t get any notification at all before this happened.


I didn’t protest at the time. But late in 2019 KSP put their Internet Security subscription software on sale for 31.99. I bought it but not before being put on hold for most of an hour by a customer service representative. The CSR also told me how to cancel auto renewal. I thought I was all set.


Guess what? KSP in violation of its own auto-renewal policy renewed my subscription on May 5, 2020 for $74.99,


Lets summarize


1 Kaspersky auto renews my subscription over 3 weeks ahead of time

2 Without warning aka an email to inform me as their policy clearly states

3 And at full price. Who pays 74.99 for this product? It can be bought for 39.99 right now.


I was very annoyed and called KSP to get the auto renewal cancelled. The customer rep processed me but he seemed bothered by questions I asked. When I got an email not saying anything about a refund, just that auto-renewal had been cancelled, I called KSP back. I did get an email 2 days later that my refund was being processed.


In the meantime my annoyance with KSP grew. The thieves took my money but were slow to return it. I got it back on the 9th but by then I made up my mind to leave KSP when I can. So I messaged KSP  asking for a refund of my late 2019 purchase(The subscription has never been activated). The message gave the order number I was asking for a refund and I told why I was asking it, mentioning the bungled auto-renewal. Not having high hopes my refund request would be done.


What I didn’t expect was KSP’s reply.


Marie B replied back to me to say my auto-renewal cancellation had been processed, but didn’t address my request for a refund of my late 2019 order. The idiot didn’t read my message properly.


I sent another request in. I don’t have high hopes again.


As I titled this post, Lying thieves and idiots. That’s a good description of KSP.

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I think you should make a ticket to support platform via https://my.kaspersky.com/.


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