Application installation error(kaspesky internet security)

  • 25 July 2021
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I gave been having this problem for a long time kaspesky internet security just wont install it just gives me Application installation error-

I have even completely rebooted the laptop with erasing the drives and a new copy of the windows also was installed when i reseted the laptop completely just a few days back and kaspersky refuses to install i saw other forums of people who have the same problem and i found out that i need to submit an GSI report too so here it is-(in attachments)
I would appreciate  it if some could help me.Thank you.



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5 replies

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@Bhavya P Welcome.

Please check this Kaspersky Support article :


@Bhavya PWelcome.

Please check this Kaspersky Support article :


yeah i already tried that it didnt work so it sent me here

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@Bhavya P Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :


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Do you contact KL support now? If you are convince, Could you attach KL product installation logs file to here?

Go to %temp% folder.

search “kl-install-xxxxxx” such name file and zip it and upload to here.


ok hello for anyone who wants to refer to this post for an answer i got it! using the help of the support i have been able to download it now.

yes refer to this image for fixing, u need to deleted  that particular file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\cm_km_w.sys) seems to have been the one that was hindering in the installation. The problem i faced was that this particular file was very very hidden even if u go and change the view settings u cant find it. I did some research and tried many programs to uninstall it but the one that worked really good was Eraser. 
I used this program and it was easily deleted but just run it twice to make sure and also chk if the file is still there by either trying to use run(win+r) to open it it should show ‘file not found’ and too again make sure run command prompt and type this is “dir  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\cm_km_w.sys” (with quotations ofc) and it will search for it and it should also tell file not found. Next thats it just try installing it again and I think that should do the work if it does u need to go to support and give an GSI report as there still might be residual files or different files hindering the intsallation(ex-viruses,more residual files) and they will help you.