Apple software update can't be installed.

  • 7 August 2019
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Hello community, i have latest KIS 19 software and also latest Apple software update too, still kaspersky keeps failing installing an update that doesn't exist, how can i fix this?

3 replies

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Welcome. Please collect and submit logs: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/macos/10909

Please also attach detailed description of the issue, and screenshots, as needed.
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Addional advice in addion to richbuff said, Please try to disable web-av or system watcher to check this problem has gone or not.

Thanks guys for posting.

I resolved it by reinstalling KIS 2019 and problem's gone.

The new thing is a new message that appeared regarding enabling virtualization protection (wallet), it has never appeared to me before.

I had to enable that feature via BIOS, and the message is gone, question is why appeared this time?

Anyways KIS 2020 (on my system language) is conming soon so i'll wait for the release to recheck that.

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