Anti-Theft features do not work when phone is locked

  • 26 February 2021
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Trying to get the anti theft feature working on two android phones - Huwawi P20 and OnePlus 6T.  The app is configured as an Admin and has been given the permissions needed from what I can tell, however the lock/locate, mugshot and alarm only seem to work when the devices are unlocked.


Any ideas where Im going wrong?



2 replies

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Hello @ChrisW


(ioo) we don’t actually think you are “going wrong.”

We tested, the commands: Turn on a loud alarm on the device & Lock the device and get its location.

these only get sent if the phone is unlocked, however, we also checked with Kaspersky Technical Support, the Supervisor/SME said, the commands work if the phone is locked or unlocked. 

In our tests, we see the following: 



We think “Sent commands will be delivered once your lost device appears online” means, if the device is locked, it’s not “online” despite the fact the network is active/enabled. 

Our tests: if the phone is unlocked the Alarm goes off like a fire siren, it's not even possible to turn the volume down; if the phone is locked, there's no alarm whatsoever.; same for Lock & locate, if the phone is locked the commands don’t go anywhere, to us that means they are waiting for the phone to be “online”.

According to the TS Level one op, he said his Supervisor/SME got the Alarm, even tho the phone was locked…. 

Because there’s confusion, they are escalating to HQ for the experts to answer; as soon as there’s any information, we will update your topic. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Hello @ChrisW

Additional information, each of the features notes say “Locks the device. Your device will be locked automatically when located. Only you will be able to unlock the device”, or similar statements, logically, for that to be true, the device must be unlocked to receive the command and lock the device.

Thank you:pray_tone3: