Advanced settings and webcam; preventing spying through webcam

  • 2 November 2021
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I was checking my scan settings and by mistake opened advanced settings, i am worried i effected them, is there a way to check they are on default settings and if not what should i set things to?


Also for preventing spying through webcam, is selecting webcam protection on good enough. Or must I select block access to webcam for all apps and the turn that off each time i use my webcam and back on again after.


Many thanks

7 replies

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Hi @D14BL0 


Please see How to restore the default application settings



Webcam settings :

Please see this Kaspersky Support article :


→ More Tools →  Manage Applications →  Application Control →  Manage Application (*)
→ Details and rules  → Application rules > Rights [Tab]

(*) In the list, select the application for which you want to Allow/Deny webcam access.
Right-click  application name , select → “Details and rules” to open  “Application rules” window

Application rules > Rights [Tab]
→  Operating system modification →  Suspicious modifications in the operating system
→  Access webcam → Action  :  Allow / Deny → Save




how do you suggest i treat my webcam safety? should i block all apps and then make allowances or should i leave it with its default setting?

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@D14BL0  Personally i should only block apps that you are running regularly,  Kaspersky is anyway protecting you against Webcam intruders.  

What are the recommended webcam settings? should I block all apps access and then make allowances one at a time or leave them at default?


Many thanks


The link for how to restore default settings seems to be for kaspersky security cloud, i was able to find the site for kaspersky internet security 2017 and kaspersky internet security 2019, im not sure which kaspersky i have, it should be the latest . 2021?  should i use one of these or is there another method.


Many thanks

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@D14BL0 Please see this Kaspersky Support article : https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/1690

Tweaking Webcam settings is a personal choice depending on the apps you are running.



thanks berny, the link i was refering to was the one in your first response about returning all settings to default.