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  • 18 March 2020
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I have just purchased the yearly 5 devices, two users license. It is going fine, but I have no idea how to add another user. Online keeps saying about console trees and I have no idea what that is, all that was downloaded with the ‘internet security’ app and the ‘password protection’ app I’m not sure if something was missed but any help would be appreciated.

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@TVH Welcome. You can share your 5 device license with a second user which means your can add your license into 2 separate MyKaspersky accounts and control separatly your own personal devices or also create 2 separate Kaspersky Password Manager vaults .

Berny, sorry I think I’m having a dumb moment. Do I have to create another Kaspersky account with a different email and somehow link it to mine? I am very confused as to HOW to make a second account without buying a whole new license.

I am just stupid!! All I had to do was create another account, as you said, and just use the same activation code!! I don’t know why it took me so long to realsie this, thank you for your help!