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  • 24 September 2019
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I have noticed that AdChoices is present in my browser, and no matter how hard I looked for the source to delete it, I couldn't find @!.
The question is: why is my Kaspersky Internet Security not detecting this #$%&!y spy-ware on its own and how can I get rid of this piece of #$%@! for good?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Ph#$@qu any data-mining corporation, amen.

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I know how you feel about junkware, I feel the same way. I have bad dreams about finding junkware flashing on my screen. I edited your post, to tone down the verbiage, because this is a family friendly community.

Well, anyway, Kaspersky Settings > Additional > Threats and exclusions > Detection types > enable Detect Other Software.
and do a databases update > reboot, then do a scan.

Clear the contents of your Temp folder, instructions: http://support.kaspersky.com/1161 and then reboot.

After that, uninstall any recently installed junk > reboot.

After that, uninstall any and all junk toolbars > reboot.

Uninstall/disable any and all junk browser add-ons and extensions and plugins in all of your browsers.

Remove the junk argument from the target field of the browser shortcut properties.

Remove any and all junk search providers in all of your browsers.

Then if need be, change your home page, in all of your browsers.

How to clean up your browsers: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/viruses/solutions/10319

If you are using a router, reset the router, change the router password to a strong password, enter the correct information according to your internet providers instructions, then clear browser cache and cookies, reboot.

Any better after that?

If still no go, Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632