[3820261]Firewall apps rules: impossible to add new app to a subgroup (existing or new) [Plan publish fix in 2020 patch G Dec. 9]

  • 8 November 2019
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@momoThis is a User Forum , please contact K-Lab Technical Support.

Anyway…….thank you all for your support and attention, and please forgive my outburst.

I think the best one to contact is Amazon to buy a security suite from another producer



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Hello  @momo,

We experience the same frustration(s), not making excuses, oftentimes we’re impacted by the same issues; as Community members we do everything we can to help.

Best regards. 

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please forgive my outburst.


No excuses of course, you are always welcome.

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Patch is still not up but im ok with that. Let them test patch before pushing to live version. I dont want more problems :D

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We are testing patch G now.

Planned publish date:


Thank you.


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