2 things: activation code/ 2 devices

  • 4 August 2019
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Slightly frustrated as I initially tried to send a request through support but need my activation code. Apparently it was sent to me when I set up the account last year but I have searched and nothing.

So that is my first query!

Secondly, I have Kaspersky on my main laptop but now I a have a tablet too....can I use same licence for both?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!


4 replies

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1) Please try here https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c

2) Can you please specify your product
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if you purchased an activation code for two devices (or more), you can
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Hello. You need to remember how many devices the license was purchased for. If you purchased a single device license, you cannot use it on your tablet. If you have purchased a license for two ( or more) devices, you can use your license on a tablet. I apologize for using the translator program.
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If any issues arose when purchasing an activation code to renew your product license (for instance, you didn’t receive an activation code after making your payment):
  • If you made your purchase via the Kaspersky Lab online store, click this link and enter your order number and password.
  • Alternatively, contact Digital River's customer service department through their self-service portal.
If you made your purchase via a different Kaspersky Lab partner, you will need to contact them directly.