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  • 22 September 2019
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I have two identical laptops (Windows8.1), one in UK and one in Portugal.
My subscription was renewed in December and the UK machine updated to KIS2019.
The Portugal machine says my sub has 400+ days left but it has not updated the app.
It is still
How do I update it ?
Thank you

5 replies

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Please follow this procedure :
> Download your product https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads
> Exit Kaspersky > Uninstall > Reboot (*)
> Install KIS 2020 > update Databases > Reboot

(*) Keep license information during unstalling
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Many thanks Berny.

UK version is - so can I update this to 2020 in the same way ?

Any idea why 2017 didn't update when it did accept the renewed subscription?
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Change of version for 2017, 2018, .. is not automatic.

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For information :

Since my posts both laptops have now updated successfully to the 2020 version, after accepting the recommendation that came in notifications.

By the way, this is a much better system for updates.

The UK version is now but I am not sure of the patch for the one abroad as I am prevented from travelling to it !

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 Hello @rufford155,

  • is up to patch J, please check, if your device has not been rebooted, using Shutdown, please do so, then power on, login, make sure KIS is started, run a manual KIS Database update, recheck patch.  

Thank you:pray_tone3: