Remembering My Kaspersky login. Is there a way to have it remember the login automatically?

  • 12 February 2021
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Hello. Every time I reboot my computer I have to input both email and password for My Kaspersky into the program. Is there a way to have it remember both and login automatically? Or at least, just the login?

4 replies

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Hello @Random Persson


The MyKaspersky login can be set to remember for 30 days. 

Regarding automatic login, yes, if you use a password manager application or a browser password manager. 

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Hello @Random Persson ,

I would suggest that you do not set it for remembering the password as well. Maybe it would be safer to take a note of your password somewhere else, where only you can access it and then enter it whenever needed. That is if you have trouble remembering your password. If its simply more convenient for you to have it connect automatically then @Flood and Flood's wife suggestions seems to be the way to go :)

Best wishes. 

Thank you for your replies.

I have no idea why, but today it stopped asking for the password. All I remember doing is enabling sync in the Kaspersky Password Manager and for some reason now Kaspersky Free seems to be working fine without my input.

It was indeed for my convenience as typing in a login and 3 passwords every reboot is beyond my comfort zone (Windows, Kasp. Password Manager, Kasp. Free). I haven’t figured out why exactly this stopped happening nor have I found anywhere in the settings an option to remember login info, so I’ll take it as Kaspersky gaining sentience and offering a silent peace treaty.

I doesn’t seem necessary for me to log in every time - or log in at all - since I’m using the free version. On the other hand, the password manager prompt is definitely something I’m willing to put up with every time I start my computer.


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Hello @Random Persson

You’re most welcome:slight_smile:

We’re delighted the issues are resolved:cartwheel_tone3:

If you wish, you can set up the Kaspersky Password Manager to not start when Windows starts, you simply start it when you need it or when there are fields that require passwords. 



The important thing to remember about Kaspersky Password Manager is the Master password cannot be recovered, if it’s lost or forgotten, Kaspersky cannot assist, it’s not recoverable. 

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