How to make Website Exception?

  • 14 May 2019
  • 9 replies

I'm getting "Threat of data loss" on certain sites.
Is it possible to create an exception?

Using Chrome Browser.
All "App and Browser control" are turned off.


9 replies

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Welcome. Before creating an exception, please submit your issue to the Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com
it says i need an activation code.
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Can you please specify your Kaspersky version.
Free Windows
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For KFA please check this : https://support.kaspersky.com/12968

Also please try this ; https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/
oh, i thought this was community support.
Not sure why you linked me to VirusDesk-- there's nothing to scan.
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You are talking about "Threat of data loss" on certain sites ...
yes. Can you help?
oh, i see i can paste a link into VirusDesk.
ok, thanks i will try that.

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