How to block a program in Windows 10

  • 14 January 2020
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I would like to block the Windows program “sppsvc.exe”. I mean: as soon as this program begins to run, I would like that Kasperky automatically close it.

In other words, I have an exclusion list, to add trusted program. Can I also manage an “inclusion list” where add untrusted programs?

Unfortunately I cannot remove “sppsvc.exe”, otherwise Windows doesn’t work.

Thank you


6 replies

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Hello @GDM,


Have you denied access to sppsvc.exe”?

  • Note, be alert to the impact of configuring sppsvc.exe in such a way:thinking:  
  • May I ask why you like to block sppsvc.exe?

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Hello Flood,

thank you for your fast reply!

I have Kaspersky Free, so I fear I cannot access to “manage application”. Can you confirm this?



sppsvc.exe is activated randomly by Windows when it detects KMS installed. Its purpose is only to slow-down the PC (high CPU usage). Sometime I manually close it from task manager, but it will be activated later again. I think Kaspersky should include it among the malwares by default.


Thank you



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Hello  @GDM,

You’re very welcome!

You said “I have an exclusion list, to add trusted program”, I took that to mean you’ve been adding trusted programs using KAV, no?


  1. No, KAV free & or Kaspersky Security Cloud free, do not have Application Control, that feature is exclusive to Kaspersky licensed sfw. 
  2. “sppsvc.exe is activated randomly by Windows”, correct.
  3. Its purpose is only to slow-down the PC (high CPU usage)”, incorrect, that may be the impact of SPPS, however, it is not it’s purpose. 
  4. Kaspersky will not blacklist SPPS, it’s not malware. 
  5. The SPPS/high CPU issue has been escalated to Microsoft many times, it’s up to MS to fix their sfw or change SPPS so the users have some control of the pgm. 
  6. If you haven’t, please do notify MS of the issue, either on their forum or via their Technical experts.

:grey_question: What is KMS?

Please let me know?

:bulb: Try RunAsDate, put 2099, or some future date, that may work, or AdvancedRun :bulb:

:boom:Create a System Restore Point before applying RAD & or AR config:boom:

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hello Flood,

here below you can see the windows where I can access to the exclusion list.



I have understood that I have to upgrade my plan to access also to the programs management. I will evaluate this possibility.

I have checked the tools you have mentioned. I don’t know if they can fix the problem. Do you know any tools where I can specify an application to kill as soon as it is activated? That tool (if exists) could solve the problem.


Thank you again


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Hello @GDM,

Thank you for replying and explaining the exclusion, that certainly clarifies the situation. 

Regarding the tools I’ve suggested, I don't either, you’ll need to experiment. 

You could try KillProcess with a configured kill list, you’d really have to experiment, bc, what you’re asking is OT for the Kaspersky Community portal:zipper_mouth:, & someone’s likely to give me a :head_bandage:

Just keep searching, I’m sure there’s a solution.

Don’t forget to communicate the high CPU issue to MS please?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hello Flood,

I have tried to install KillProcess but it doesn’t work.

I have enabled the suppression of Windows processes and “vicious mode”, but it cannot kill sppsvc.exe. Moreover I have to manually start the killing process, but I need to kill the process automatically as it comes up.

KillProcess is compatible with Vista and Windows7, but not for Windows 10. So, may be it could manage only 16-bit OS.

But your idea is good, so I will search for similar tools. If you have some idea, please let me know.


Thank you!



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