Free Kasperky Windows 7 blocking sound/video?

  • 15 January 2020
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I just installed Kaspersky Free Home Anti-ransomware last night before powering down the PC.  I have Windows 7 system.  Today internet is slow, and then I discovered Youtube videos will not play, but rather after much straining there appears a message telling me to restart my device.  Sometimes the video plays with no sound for a few moments then it goes back to no video at all.  It is like this on Facebook and Bitchute as well.  I tried to uninstall Kaspersky but it will not leave.  Please help!!!

5 replies

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Hello @PCMouse,


  1. What steps have been done to uninstall KAV, please provide detail? 
  2. Is a VPN installed & active?
  3. May I have a GSI & Windows Logs, upload the zip folder to cloud & post the link please? 

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

What do you mean “upload the zip folder to cloud?”  I am not very high-tech.  Thank you for your help.

I have gone to Control Panel “Programs and Features”, and tried to uninstall from there.  The Kaspersky Uninstall Tool window came up, but the progress bar did not show progress for twenty minutes or so, and I had to force-shut down the computer to close the window.


No I do not have a VPN.



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Hello @PCMouse,

Thank you for replying.

Go to the  GSI & Windows Logs, download the GSI tool, run the tool, when the popup window displays, tick the Windows Logs, let the GSI tool run, it may run for a long time, when it’s finished it will create a zip folder on your desktop, upload the zip folder to cloud, for example OneDrive, GoogleDrive, any cloud storage, get the share link and post the share link here in your topic please?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Typically, these issues are related to the maintenance of the operating system as a whole, not just only anti-virus. First of all try clean your system drive (usually c:) with stadard Windows clean utility:

My computer → c:\ → Properties → Disk Cleanup

Include “Service Pack Backup Files”, “Windows Update Cleanup”, “Previous windows installation(s)”, “Temporary windows installation files” as shown in the next picture:


Clean up and restart operation system. Note that restart can be too long, not as usual, up to 40..80 minutes, depending on yours hardware.

Sometimes it can free tens of gigabytes, and significantly speed up the operating system. Frees the operating system from unnecessary work tracking versions of legacy updates. Sometimes normalizes work of Windows Update service. With antivirus or without it.

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