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  • 7 November 2020
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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,

                                                                                How’s things?,

I explored your free antivirus which claims it includes the scanning of incoming emails and after installing your free version and going into the settings and noticed all the email settings are switched off because its not a paid version of your antivirus ,i tried to switch on the settings and a message popped up on the screen showing a free version of that setting is not included and its only available to  the internet security versions of Kaspersky. Tried another free version of the Kaspersky antivirus and it also showed up as the same thing. Tried your trial version which had all the email settings to on but didn’t like its 30 days trial. I’d like to use your free antivirus if it did scan incoming emails as that’s all i  basically need. Does your free antivirus include free scans of incoming emails?, bye...

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@maron, in the free version, email scanning is included. 

But you cannot change the mail antivirus settings. Changing settings is only available in the paid version.