Does Windows 10 Defender conflict with Kaspersky Free?

  • 2 April 2019
  • 5 replies

I just installed Kaspersky Free for Windows, and wanted to know if it conflicts with Windows 10 Defender.

5 replies

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Welcome. WD should work fine with KFA 2019.
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When you install Kaspersky, Windows defender is disabled.
So there are no conflicts with another antivirus, since only one can be activated by default.

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Also, in case you encounter problems , please check this :
> Disable WD in the Services
> Disbable WD at StartUp
> Reboot
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Hi, as well as above posts by Berny and Caos.
You can go to Security settings open "virus & threat protection" to make sure if Kaspersky "protection" is ON.

Then at bottom of "security settings" list make sure Windows Defender is turned OFF,

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In addition to the useful posts above:
with Kaspersky Free installed, the Firewall protection will be active that of Windows Defender, since in the Free version of Kaspersky (KFA) it's not included.

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