Could you add a donation button to Kaspersky Free

  • 18 April 2021
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Some people would be willing to donate some money to support the development of Kaspersky Free. Some people might donate small amounts like $1 or $5. $1 from a million users is $1 million.Could you add a donation button to Kaspersky Free? Maybe you could setup a Kaspersky Foundation and make the donation tax deductible. People might donate more if it lowers their taxes. Protecting users from cyber criminals is a charitable act.

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1 reply

That sounds awesome! So people who dont have much money could show their gratitude and spend a dollar. That would be pretty social towards poorer human. And as you said, people who use kaspersky for free don’t have much money but if they could have the oppertunity to spend money, they would defenty do it and the result of that is: More money for kaspersky ;)