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  • 1 October 2019
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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,
How's things?,
I can tell you there is a noticeable difference between your free antivirus and W.D by Microsoft . W.D is no match against Kaspersky free antivirus and never will be after 2019,after testing out W.D first then your K.F.A .The major difference between W.D and K.F.A is I can download dangerous infected files and open and install it without any warnings on the screen and as a result my computer was locked up or unusable and the only way out was to either reset the computer or reinstall everything back from scratch, while when I used K.F.A and downloaded that very same file it was detected and didn't allow me to install or run it because it was infected according to the warning on the screen, and by having this kind of a proper protection I avoided having to reset or start again from scratch which sets me back over 5 hours when it has to be done.Well done to Kaspersky and I'd certainly give it an A + in all categories. I still use K.F.A despite rumours going around online in various websites that I found no evidence of while using K.F.A . Also I'd like to let you know every time I used W.D I always had a locked computer after W.D allowed a dangerous file to be downloaded and run which seems to me the owners of W.D are not taking computer security seriously at all and should re check their W.D by doing further tests and they will come across many flaws in W.D. ,K.F.A isn't flawed and never was on one day one, and that's the way it should of been for W.D.I don't blame those jealous people in being jealous of all of Kaspersky's antivirus free and paid in doing a much better job than those jealous peoples antivirus which I assume it was W.D either used in business and or home use. Thanks for your time..bye

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4 replies

Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,

                                                                                 Hope all is well?,

I myself feel awful after reading after accidentally coming across comments by jealous people from their website who have said things involving all of Kaspersky’s antiviruses  which i myslef found no evidence of after using the free version and i actually to tell you the truth was protected way more than W.D by a long shot.Think of it in this way,a golfer who was playing for W.D and every time that golfer hit the ball it went in either in the sand trap or pool and this proved W.D has flaws and the other golfer who played for Kaspersky free and or paid versions after hitting the golf ball it always landed in the hole and every time after that which proves its a winner from the first hit of that golf ball till the last hit.Kaspersky is a winner in every category and why are people still claiming W.D to be in the top spot?.As i noticed W.D and M.S.E back in Windows 7 still had flaws as i found out after many nasties went through and made a mess of my computer which resulted in having to reinstall Windows 7 back in that set me back a few days.Kaspersky free has proven itself to be way more serious about computer security from day one it came out as i noticed the difference.Since using Kaspersky free, i never had to reset or reinstall Windows 10 back in after all nasties i accidentally got from downloading files were all detected and this is the way it should of been for W.D and M.S.E in both Windows 7 and in later computer versions.In my experiment while using Windows Defender on Windows 10 its way to easy still to download and run infected files still after its updated and it made no difference whether i used W.D as it is and or configured through the Group Policy questions about W.D settings..bye for now.




Dear Kaspersky,

                            How’s things?,

What do you think?, after all of your antivirus rivals are showing evidence of doing better than all of your antiviruses in 2019?,when in my view your free antivirus is way better from day one. Please explain that one?..,bye



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Dear Kaspersky Free Support Team,

                                                               How’s things?,

Whoever made your free antivirus had done really well from start to finish,as other free antiviruses which i won’t list ?,which i tried each one by one and never found the perfection as your free one when compared.My other default antivirus allowed me to explore downloaded infected files and or programs as i found a way past the security settings ,but with your free antivirus it’s virtually impossible to explore a dangerous downloaded file and or program which got detected as shown on the screen by a popup warning and properly dealt with.I am planning to use your free antivirus despite comments still showing up in various websites that all Kaspersky antiviruses free and paid contain hidden spyware/track ware which is a program to check where a user has been to and that private info is then sold to another or other company/ies ,and haven’t yet found anything sinister hidden in your free version.I am on your side because your free antivirus properly protects my computer without failing along the way and it from start to finish and that’s the way it should of been for my default antivirus and have a great day..,bye


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