About Using Older Free KasperskyAntivirsus Versions?

  • 24 August 2020
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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,

                                                                         How’s things?,

I just want to know is using an old version of your free antivirus safe to do so?, as I am on 20. 0.14.1085 (I) 2019 version, after finding it to be what I wanted in a free antivirus with easy to configure settings and  with no sign of flaws. Both quick and full scans when tested separately was working well or should I use  the of your free antivirus version instead.

3 replies

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Hello @maron,


If you’re happily using a version why revert:thinking:

  1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus (KFA) is being replaced  by Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. 
  2. V21 is out.
  3. Eventually, due to changes in the update process, all Kaspersky home software will automatically update to the most recent version. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Reverting a Version can cause some serious security breaches, as newer Versions often fix/patch up Backdoors and stop trojans or Worms entering the System altogether. If the versions do cause Problems simply try to reinstall and if that doesnt work then revert to older versions on your own Accord.



i totally agree with the comment above. I am a more conservative person, meaning i use the current version as long as Kaspersky allow me to. If i am happy with a certain product why changing it? I see that you are facing a similar problem. So i will advice you to follow the advices from the other users and try to reinstall your product, instead of reverting it.