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  • 26 December 2020
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Dear Kaspersky Support Team,

                                                      How’s your day been?,

I just like to say “Well Done!” ,in making a free antivirus which has proven over and over to be a winning free antivirus. The Kaspersky free antivirus is in my view the world’s best antivirus because once installed it never allows a trojan to be downloaded and installed once detected, as I tried every possible way to explore an infected file/s that was trojan infected and each time it was blocked/removed. My other antivirus had allowed me to further explore and download and install an infected file which had a hidden trojan and once installed it totally wrecked my computer and then spent over 8 hours to start all over again. This happened on other occasions as well with my other antivirus, but with the installed Kaspersky free it did a fantastic job and never had to start again and lose over 8 hours as before. A full scan by the Kaspersky free was actually quicker than my other antivirus and it detected way more, and such nonsense in 2020 that my other antivirus had improved to then beat/equaled Kaspersky free is just that. This is my honest message i leave with you as your now my favorite free antivirus in 2020 and onwards.. bye 

5 replies

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Hi @maron , 

Thank you for your positive comment!

Subsequent scans are even faster, because of iSwift and iChecker technologies used: https://support.kaspersky.com/15237



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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,

                                                                                How’s your day been?,

In my experience with each free antivirus after trying each one by one and including in passive mode noticed I was better off with your free antivirus as it does indeed protect one’s computer as you said it would. I already tried your trial versions and after the trial version was over went back to the free version as it had all what I needed. I can’t explain why your free antivirus has protected me way better than my default antivirus and at least I can fully rely on your free antivirus in not allowing me to further explore an infected file/program once it’s detected, as mentioned before my default antivirus has an allow button in the protection history settings and when I pressed the allow button to allow me to explore a detected file/program and continue on to then find my computer was locked up and fully damaged by an installed trojan or something else that was installed and at that stage my default antivirus was no match for it in removing whatever was installed. All free antiviruses except my default one never allows one to explore an infected file/program once detected as I tried but failed as each attempt was blocked. My default antivirus when used as it is and or configured through the group policy’s questions either partially and or fully enabling all questions about my default antivirus as it made no difference whatsoever as I still was able to explore all kinds of infected files/programs and still ended up having to reinstall W10 all over again setting me back over 8 hours. Your free antivirus settings was no nonsense and easy to configure and then after all the settings were made and can relax knowing I have a fully working  free antivirus  which yet hasn’t failed. Never accept your rivals comments as being true on what they said about your company and your antiviruses as there is no truth in it. Like to add?.. bye 

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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team,

       Just letting you know also that somebody has put out a graph showing each antivirus abilities and it’s such nonsense to see the W.10 antivirus having beaten your free version as I suspect an error has been made somewhere along the line. I doubt such claims by somebody who said that W.10 antivirus in 2020/2021 has somehow gone through some kind of increased security changes to end up taking the throne or took top spot?. In my view though all of Kaspersky’s antiviruses are the real kings of antiviruses and deserve to be given the throne. I bet you didn’t know that a security expert online had shown the flaws found from both the Windows 7 antivirus and in Windows 10 but not one flaw were found in the Kaspersky’s antiviruses not one in 2020 /2021,and this is all the proof i need that proves Kaspersky has always won from the start and indeed finished well .I will leave it at that.. bye

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Hello @maron,

Welcome back!

Thank you for your positive comments:thumbsup_tone3: !

We’ve read them so many times, you’re clearly a big Kaspersky fan:clap_tone3:  


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Hi ​​​@maron. We appreciate your comments, thank you.