Still getting Upgrade your package, even though it is disabled.

  • 25 January 2021
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On occasion, maybe once a week or so, I get a popup that says I should upgrade to a higher package. It happens when I am logging into sites. I have all advertising disabled through the interface tab in the settings menu. So I am wondering why I am still getting these. It feels intrusive and it is disruptive to my daily work. I have a screenshot attached.  If someone could provide some insight into this. I like Kaspersky, but I don’t want to have to switch products over something like this.

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Hello @Lumix14


Like all free software, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free has some “advertising”, Kaspersky are very transparent about this, additionally, the weekly prompt you’re seeing is not advertising (you may disagree), nor is it a News notification(s) & or Promotional materials;  it’s a reminder. 

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News notifications:

  • Receive informational messages and advertisements from Kaspersky to receive notifications about computer security news.

Promotional materials:

  • Show information about special offers to receive the best offers when visiting Kaspersky websites.
  • Receive informational messages and advertisements after the current license expires to receive notifications about security news from Kaspersky after your license or subscription expires.