rename large file with 'dos' command, computer froze.

  • 2 June 2019
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i tried to rename one large file (250GB) with 'dos' command 'rename file' and after few seconds my computer froze because KAV loaded it into memory and then available RAM was 0 bytes!
the only solution - restart computer.
of course added to exclusion that file but nothing good happened!
should be an option into settings like "don't scan files bigger than XXX MB", isn't it?

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Hello ghoul, welcome to the new forum.

Is it a single file or an archive like .zip or .rar?
Then there would be a possibility under 'Settings->Protection->File Anti-Virus->Advanced Settings->Scan of compound files Advanced settings->Size limit'.

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ghoul: Your last post is deleted, due to your extremely aggressive attack. This topic is closed, and I don't want to see anymore of your aggressive attacks, so you are banned.