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We use KES Cloud and we would like to use a remote administration tool (Teamviewer). For security reasons, we want to use two policies : one for administration that authorise the service and another one for the rest of the time that locks the service.

KES Cloud does not seem to manage application black list on the windows devices. So Teamviewer is always running even with the following options:

  • host intrusion prevention
  • protection & selfdefense
  • threats & exclusions / detection of other type of objects

Is it possible to lock/unlock remote services with  the Cloud version of KES?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Since there is no application control in KES Cloud for Windows, it is not possible to act directly on application startup.

However, a workaround could be, stopping TeamViewer connections through the firewall.

Team Viewer uses the port:

It could be blocked by the firewall. In theory (it is not proven) It would not prevent the execution of the application but the connections. 


Hello Caos,


Many thanks for your answer.

I hope the feature will be implemented in a future version.


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You´re welcome.

I hope too. :slight_smile: