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  • 24 November 2021
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We’ve just upgraded from Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud to Cloud Plus.

I was hoping this would give me more advanced data management facilities. Perhaps it does but I haven’t found them yet.

I want to do some basic exports, eg List of devices with the associated owner.  So far, the only way I’ve found of exporting data is via the reports tab, and there, I’m limited to the pre-set reports, I can’t, for example, add a column.

Am I missing something ?




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The only section in the console that allows for data export is the reports section and you are correct, those pre-set reports are what is available at this time. 

Although, the information you are looking for can be found in the devices section including the device owner - https://support.kaspersky.com/Cloud/1.0/en-US/101710.htm 

In the event you have not seen the the comparison table between Cloud and Cloud Plus, please review the following article - https://support.kaspersky.com/Cloud/1.0/en-US/101540.htm  

Thanks Ian. Not the news I was hoping for obviously, but don’t want to shoot the messenger :-)

Being able to see the owner on a web page is fine if you're only interested in one or two machines but it’s not very scalable.