Windows Desktop Sharing Problem

  • 5 October 2020
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We deployed a slave server and testing it.

Slave servers will be used for laptops to connect from both internet and intranet wifi zone.

Test laptops can connect from internet and wifi zone to slave server using port 13000 TLS without problem.

We can make remote desktop sharing to laptops when they are connected to wifi zone without a problem.


When laptops connect slave server from internet, we are trying to remote desktop sharing, Slave server try to connect the private ip (internet service provider that assigned to laptop) from 15000 port. Of course KSC can not acccess to another network’s private ip so it fails. 

How can we make remote desktop sharing to laptops that connected to internet from slave server? Slave server allowed for Kaspersky ports and laptops don’t have firewall etc..

When we unselect “Use UP port (15000)” we can’t make remote desktop sharing from both internet and wifi zone. It pop ups transport level  error while connecting to localhost: general error 0x4e5



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