Why KES 11 do the Virus Analisys on Network Drive (while the option/box is correctly unchecked)

  • 19 December 2019
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Hi everyone,


I’m trying to figure out a problem with KES 11 and Virus Search on computers of my company.

Each computer have a lot of Network drive so it’s obvious i don’t want KES to analyze each file in them, that’s why the analysis on the “Tous les disques réseau” (All NEtwork drive in english”) is unchecked, as you can see below.

BUT even thought it’s unchecked, i can see on the computer that when KES do the analysis, that he is analyzing file in some Network drives (this means the analysis takes several hours) and worst ,it use 100% of the network on the computer, meaning that the user cannot work anymore.

Can someone help me on this ? My KES11 is a fresh install on a new server and most (90%) of the option are by default. Is this a known bug ? I couldn’t find anything on this !


Thanks you in advance,

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