What does the virus counter actually say?

  • 18 October 2021
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I’m new to Kaspersky and trying to figure out a couple of things. We are getting a stream of warning mails each week about virus detections, but when I check the specific threat report I get an empty page with no threats to report. If I reset the ‘virus counter’, the workstation goes back into the green, and a new full scan then doesn’t show new detections.

I am wondering how I must interpret these detections and how we can automatically reset the virus counter if threats are cleaned up? Or is it by design that although the threat was cleared, the workstation remains in a state of ‘critical’ because the counter was not reset?

Also, is my assumption correct that after X days the threat report gets cleared? Because I’ve tested with a workstation what happens when I download a dummy virus. It will increase the threat detection counter for that workstation and give me a report showing what's detected. Why then don’t I get an threat report on workstations that also have an increased threat count, from detections that happened longer ago?

We are using KSC 12, with 11.4 clients.

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