What cause these 2 options to be greyed or dimmed?

  • 30 May 2021
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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me where is the option or what cause these 2 options for Repair or Modify KES to greyed or dimmed which cannot be used? only remove is the available working option (by the way we are using password protection for interface and uninstalling)

P.S please no one ask me for log files, i am only asking for info as how it works or what setting is responsible for denying the use these option.




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These options would require the installation distributive since they are in effect re-installing the application. The un-install is available since all it needs is the un-install string (including GUID) from the registry.

I have not tested this myself, but in theory, if the extracted installer folders are still present, these options may be selectable.

In most cases, after installation however the installation files are removed to reduce unnecessary disk space consumption.