Webcam stoppoed working

  • 14 October 2021
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We recently changed from one version of Kaspersky to another, current version is Kaspersky Enpoint Security We’ve been on this version for a few weeks now. Over the past 2 days, suddenly no one’s webcams are working in some applications, but do work in others. If we exit Kaspersky, the webcams work in all software applications again.


I can’t find where the setting is to leave webcams alone in this current version. I don’t want Kaspersky to touch the webcams in any way.

1 reply

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In order to have your webcam working, please add application to trusted under Host Intrusion Prevention in the policy of KES per instructions provided. Also, you could set to allow access to webcam under Application rights for Host Intrusion Prevention component. See attached.


I hope this helps.