Virus scan has not been performed in a long time for Windows Servers

  • 2 April 2021
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Hi I hope someone can help me. I suddenly get a message from all Servers that the Virus Scan has not been running for a long time.The tasks have not changed. But I also can't find a task for Windows Servers called Virus Scan. You do have that for workstations.What do I do now to fix this? There are 37 servers at the moment with this warning.The servers run on Security application version I've upgraded a few to version, but that doesn't matter. There I even get all kinds of error messages with 'Object not scanned'.We have Kaspersky Security Center 10.

1 reply

Well, if you doesn’t have the task for this product and no one have deleted it, perhaps it didn’t exist before.

You have to create a new On-demand Scan task scan to run periodically on your servers. If you have a task for the workstations and this task exists and is applied on to this separate management group for your workstations, so it won’t be run on your servers.

If you have installed KES for Windows in your machines and KES for Windows Server on your servers and created a task only for KES Windows, so this task will only be executed on those machines with this product.

One thing will have to be aware of is that the task will be executed accordingly with the scope you define it to run. If you create a task in the tasks section, the it will ask you to define it. If you define it on a determined management group, then it will assume that the scope of execution of the task is that management group.

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