Upgrade to Windows 1903 - Duplicate entries in KSC

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Hi, we are running version of Kasperksy for Workstations. After I had upgraded my test Windows 10 1803 machine to the latest 1903 May update I noticed that Kasperksy was not running anymore.
After I enabled Kasperksy again via the Windows Notification Center I noticed in the KSC that I have now duplicate computer objects as shown in the picture.

We will test with another test machine but thought I should mention this.

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Windows also shows Kasperksy as turned off while Kasperky shows it is on?!?!?!

Which one is true?

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Do you have any events in event log about this situation.
Can you please provide us with the full GSI report from one of affected computers.
Thank you!
We will not be pursuing any further detailed investigation at the moment as this is just in a test phase.
The message is FYI that we have encountered the issue.
No further resolvement is required at the moment.

It appears that a new computer object has been created in the KSC and that protection continues via the new computer object.