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In our company we have Kaspersky Security Center 13.
But last month we had KSC 11, we created a new Virtual Machine (Windows 10), Installed the latest version (KSC 13), and changed the IP so now we want to update the EndPoint security on all devices from to But it fail, the result say "Installation is not required. The device is managed by a different Administration Server". Okay, its because the old Administration Server isn't available anymore, So I created a new task "Change Administration Server" with the right Address, then run the task, until now the status still appear as "Scheduled" but never run. I tested manualy using the KLMove Utility on the client machine (I am testing on my PC), then try the Update and it worked. My question is: Is there any way to change the Address of the Administration Server from the KSC 13 without having to go to each computer using KLMove Utility?

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I would just install the agent package from the new KSC on alle the computers (you can also start an agent install task on the new KSC but you need an AD user which has admin rights on the computers).

You can only move computers from one KSC to the other if the original is still alive and the computers are connected to it

Well, the original isn’t alive anymore because my co-worker deleted the virtual machine (KSC11) right after installing the new KSC13. I used the task “Deploy Kaspersky Endpoint”, only the Network agent can be update, but can’t update Endpoint. I tried to Uninstall application remotely for uninstall the old Endpoint version (11.4) with AD user, but still fails.

Now I am using Kmover and manually uninstall the old Endpoint each computer.

Thank you anyway.

just create a batch file on your new adminserver with content:

“c:\<path to network agent folder\klmover.exe” -address <ip or name of new server>

create this as new install packet and roll it out in your network via your new KSC and admin credentials used

all machines will then connect to your new server

I already did it, creating a batch file then run it on each computers.

Thank you