Upgrade from KSC10 SP3 to KSC13 [MOVED]

  • 26 April 2021
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I have migrate my old 2008 Server  with KSC 10 SP3 to à new Virtual Machine ( Win 2016 Server Standard).

I want now to migrate KSC 10 SP3 directly to KSC 13 on the new VM.

Has anyone doing this process ? from the web help of the support i see no problem fort that and the migration was supported.

Has anyone working with KSC 13 an encountered some problems or other ?.

For more info: i have the version deploy on all my workstation and the version Windows file server.

I have prepared all the plugins and backup if i need to revert back so it’s just to have mores informations if someone has for KSC13.

Thank you for your responses and have a nice day.

1 reply

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Hi @a.suljevic,

I tested the upgrade from KSC12 to KSC13.. it went ok, without any problems.. But according to discussions here in community and some other info I’d recommend for you to wait with upgrade until first patch “A” is released. It’s like with every other software new releases, you know :nerd: