Update 11.3 to 11.6 [MOVED]

  • 16 April 2021
  • 1 reply

How can we update from KES 11.3 to 11.6 without using the distribution package?

We want to install  and test the latest version on a single server before the updating all servers at once.

If you prepare the package for 11.6 using the cloud console, all servers will be updates immediately.

Is it possible to manually download the installation files.?

1 reply

I would also like to be able to test out a new version before doing a general deployment.  When I press ‘prepare’ on my Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud console, it will just start deploying the new version to all registered clients.
A previous test deployment on my old on-premise solution ended up with 25% BSOD, so I would very much like an option to test it before general deployment, either by de-coupling the preparation of the downloadable distribution package, or by having some control over which clients it will deploy to.